Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fitness Monitoring

One of the primary uses of iTrakMe is to monitor your workout, whether that is walking, running, or biking. As you exercise you can display one of several large-font "meters" showing either duration, distance, speed, elevation, or Calories burned. This is useful when you want a quick glance at, say, your distance but don't want to be distracted from your walk.

To set a meter for monitoring use one of the 2 navigation arrows at the bottom of the app to scroll through the list of menus.  The meter menu has an additional left arrow and is used to select the meter value type. Scroll through that arrow until you find one you're interested in watching and then start you workout.  Don't forget the Start button when beginning!  The selected value will be updated every few moments to give you a real-time view of the value.  And you can always scroll through to see what the other values are.

Note:  You need the upgrade to show all meters.  In addition to the upgrade you need to "turn on" elevation data to, well, get elevation data.

Hint 1: All of these meter values can be viewed at the same time using the Info button.  The disadvantages to this is that the font size is much smaller and the info view takes up a good part of the map area.

Hint 2:  To set the activity (walk, bike, etc) tap one of the 2 main navigation arrows until you find the menu with the "Home" button.  Next to this button is the activity-selector button which you can tap until the activity you're interested in shows up.

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