Saturday, August 14, 2010

Viewing Saved Trails

Each saved trail records all of its GPS data points and other information into a database on your iPhone.  To access all of your saved trails tap the "action" button in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Then either select the "Most Recent" or the "All Trails" item.  The "All Trails" will display all of your saved trails- sorted from latest to the oldest- along with summary information about each.

Tapping a trail from this list will display the map along with the trail route itself marked by the green start pin and red stop pin.  Btw, tapping one of these pins will show you the start or stop time of the trail. Since this is the standard iPhone map you can pan and zoom to get a better view of the trail.

The first thing to note from this view is the row of buttons at the bottom of the view.  The left and right arrows allow you to navigate to the previous or next (in time) trail and is a quick way to see each trail in detail.

The Info button will display all of the data that was taken for the trail including time, duration, distance, speed, elevation change, Calories burned, type of activity, number of pictures taken, and number of GPS points saved. Btw, the type of units that are used is set by the "Preferred Units" selector in the Settings view which you can change.

To the right of the Info button, the one with the zig-zag pattern, is the "elevation profile" toggle button. Tapping this button will show the elevation profile for the trail.  Of course, elevation data has to be on for this to show anything meaningful.  The small "+" button will change the profile so that the lowest elevation is stretched to the bottom and provides a way to see more of the elevation change.  Also, tapping a location on the profile will display the elevation for that point.

The envelope button will display a view where you can email your trails in a few different ways.  The first type of email will send a url link to a friend.  When this link is clicked it will display the current trail on a google maps as well as most of the information associated with the trail.  Note that this link is good for 1 week.

The other 2 email options allow you to email the current or all of the trails and while you can email anyone it was intended to allow you to backup you trails to your email.  Basically, all trails are saved in KML format which is a popular format for saving trails and other GPS data.

The last button is the trash or delete button. After prompting you for confirmation this button will delete the current trail from your iPhone.

The Edit button (upper right hand corner) allows you to edit the title and activity for the trail.  By tapping the title text box inside the Edit view you can change it to something more meaningful then its default value, its start time. You can also change the activity here by switching the Edit switch on and then selecting another activity.  This is most useful when you forgot to change the activity when you started.

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  1. I love itrakme. I have already purchased the upgrade. I activated elevation tracking from the menu but it does not actually track it. Where am I going wrong?

    Is there a way to share photos when I email share a map? It would be amazing to share my route and video/photo imagery geo tracked that way.